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Online OST to PST file conversion service

Instructions for converting OST files to PST files online:

  1. Select an *.ost file on your device (computer or other device) after pressing the Select file button
  2. Enter your email address. This is required to receive messages about the completion of the OST file conversion process
  3. Press the Next step button. The service will then initialize the process of uploading the OST file to the service and converting it to a PST file.
  4. Download the PST file with the converted data. In order to do this you must pay for the conversion via PayPal or credit/debit card

The online OST to PST file conversion service does not require:

  • Windows to be installed on your computer
  • Any additional programs to be installed on your computer
  • Microsoft Outlook to be present on your computer
  • A connection to Microsoft Domain Controller
  • A connection to Microsoft Exchange Server